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     Our most popular 5' X 11' indoor putting green

Why settle for one of the typical unattractive, plastic,
felt or foam outdoor greens in your home?



Don't let potential clients pass you by!

Offer them a golf putting challenge on your very own indoor putting green with company logo! 


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Exceptional Hand Made Indoor Putting Green

Our best  indoor putting green

el·e·gant: showing good taste : graceful and attractive. : simple and clever!


"When it comes to indoor putting greens I have seen them all.  That is exactly why my greens are not like all the others."  Steve LaPorte


Imagine this beautiful putting green in your home or office!

The high quality, low luster nylon surface that is used to create each handmade green has a luxurious look and realistic feel
that is unmatched. 

Over the past 16 years, our greens have become the number one choice for value minded individuals with discriminating taste.  

Our models offer an elegant choice for indoor greens that complement even the finest home interiors.

Each indoor putting green is hand made by Steve LaPorte

These are truly a showpiece that every golfer would be
proud to own




Adobe Logo Indoor Putting Green



 Great for the Home, Office and Country Club

The Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens™ are designed to keep your indoor golfing experience as true and realistic as it would be on the golf course. Our tapered contour pad  allows you to create simple breaks with ease. Included a specially designed cup system that allows a properly stroked putt to react the same way as it would on the golf course. We also offers a 20" x 24" portable chipping mat that can be placed back from the green that allows you to practice chipping onto the green.  A free backstop is included to keep balls from rolling off the end of the green.


Perfect for Trade Shows and Special Events

Indoor Putting GreensAttract potential clients to your display by offering them a realistic challenge on your personalized putting green with company logo. A hole-in-one could register each person eligible for a drawing to win one of your products or services and more importantly give you the chance to "break the ice" with a future business client.

When demonstrating The Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens™ in a limited area such as a trade show booth or special event, our flat surface allows for easy maneuvering without constantly having to avoid a raised edge or ramped up area to walk around. A tapered contour pad comes with our larger greens and can be placed in various locations beneath the greens to create simple breaks.  New hard protective cases with wheels provide greater strength and protection during shipping to your special event.


Features And Specifications

Generous 9' ,11', or 12'   Lengths

Fully Portable.  Easy to set up and use.  

Includes (1) Cup with Flag on 5' x 11',  20" x 9'  and 2.5' width models and (2) on 4' x 9' model. (3) cups included with our 5' x 12'.

A tapered contour pad  is included with
5' x 11' and 4' x 9' models as well as all 2.5' width greens.  (2) contour pads included with our 5' x 12'.


9-10 Stimpmeter Reading

Nylon Surface, 55 oz. face wt.

Standard 4 1/4" Diameter Hole

Optional Hard Case available for all putting greens

The Chipping Mat (optional) and Back Stop are available for all models.

Special unique shape on some models to not allow a straight edge to putt along creating a much more visually challenging putt!


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Choosing the Best Indoor Putting Green Surface

02/04/2014 by Steve L

 There are many things to consider when purchasing an indoor putting green, especially if you are looking for surface that will last.  Most indoor putting greens are actually made from outdoor artificial turf.  These tend to be more tolerant to the elements but less attractive for indoor use.  You will typically see a shiny, plastic look to the surface of this type of outdoor material.

Many of these greens are made from polypropylene (olefin) which is very stain resistant and is not discolored from bleach or harsh chemicals. The downside to polypropylene is that the surface is much less durable than nylon and is typically used for outdoor applications or areas around pools or in basements.

Nylon is considered the top of the line when it comes to durability and is the most common for indoor surface applications.  Nylon products are very durable and considered very stain resistant.

Some indoor putting greens are made from a very lightweight foam material that actually resembles foam packaging material or the foam swimming pool noodles or floaties that you see in and around pools.

Another type of surface that you may encounter is a felted surface similar to that of a pool table surface.  This felt option along with the foam has little to no surface tufts to resemble the real grass blades on an actual golf course.  Because of this, the golf ball tends to roll much faster on these particular surfaces.  Too fast of surface on a limited size indoor putting green, may create some difficulties for accurate indoor putting practice.

Here at The Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens we use a very dense nylon surface for each of our putting green models.  This quality nylon surface has a low luster which resembles a wool-like finish giving it a much more elegant look than the shiny plastic materials that are so common.

Please take all things into consideration when choosing the right indoor putting green for you. Please feel free to contact us If you have any questions regarding our line of greens and accessories.   Be sure to ask if there are any current specials or coupon codes that could apply to your order.


Indoor putting greens for trade shows and events

02/04/2014 by Steve L

Have you ever set out the candy bowl at your trade show booth to attract potential leads only to see it empty in a matter of minutes by the old "grab and run" technique?   Save the free candy for Halloween.  Yes event goers love candy, but it won't make them stop.  You will notice however that if there is a challenge taking place, they will stop in their tracks to watch.  Challenge creates participation.  Soon there is a crowd of people all standing at your booth, wanting a shot at this particular challenge.  What challenge you say?  How about a golf putting challenge?   A golf putting challange on the most beautiful indoor putting green that has your company logo smack dab in the middle of it.   Hand them a putter and a couple of golf balls.  Now with their attention, you can focus on closing the deal.  Now go get em!

Understanding the speed of putting greens

02/18/2014 by Steve L

The Stimpmeter is a device used to measure the speed of a golf course putting green by applying a known force to a golf ball and measuring the distance traveled in feet.  It was designed in 1935 by Edward S. Stimpson.  It first came into play in USGA in 1976 at the US Open.  At the time, the average speed of putting greens was just 6.5 feet and 7.5 was considered very fast.  Today, the speeds average 10+ and some of the worlds fastest can be found at Oakmont Country Club with speeds between 13-15. 

There has been a long time debate on putting green speeds and many tend to think faster is better.  The faster the greens the shorter the cut and the more stress there can be on the actual grass making the course much more difficult to maintain.   A putting green with larger contours will tend to seem much faster than the very same speed green that is flat. You will find that no matter the speed, players that don't score well on any given day will tend to complain more about the speed of the greens versus someone that played very well.  Consistency to some is considered more important than the actual speed of the green. 

Here at the Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens our surface speed will average between 9-10.  We consider this a very good speed for indoor putting practice.  We also include a felt tapered contour pad that can be strategically placed beneath the indoor putting green to create subtle, realistic contours in the surface.  Placing the contour pad beneath the green closer to the hole makes the ball break more so because the ball speed is slower as it is approaching the hole.  Whether you prefer faster or slower speeds, you will find that the speed of our indoor putting green models is perfect for indoor practice. 

Our demonstration video on our homepage show a stimpmeter being used on our model 5' x 11' indoor putting green.  Now you are a bit more knowledgeable about the speed of putting greens and how they are measured. 


Build your own indoor putting green

02/04/2014 by Steve L


Many of you out there on the forums and blog sites are talking about building your own putting green for the house just to save a few pennies.  I have built a lot of them over the years and realize that the surface material is the most important feature.  I have yet to find anything even close at the local builders supply that would resemble an adequate surface for putting.  Sure you can get the lumber and hardware to build that bulky thing, but is that all necessary to elevate the surface just to get a deeper hole?  What about being able to move that heavy thing if you need too?  Why pay all that money for bulky base material to then top it with a subpar material? 

How realistic will it be?  What happens if you take your first putt and the ball ends up down against the side rail?  Are you going to stand 6" lower on the floor than your ball location to take your next putt?  Are you going to move the ball out away from the rail or side bumper so it doesn't interfere with your swing on the next shot?  Why build an elevated floor when you have a floor to begin with?  There ends up being more focus on the depth of the hole than the quailty of the surface. 

Remember, the surface is the most important part of an indoor putting green.  Placing that surface over a bulky platform lifted off of the ground has only one advantage.  A deeper hole.  As you can see, there are far more disadvantages. 

I can tell you from experience that there is a much easier way.  On our homepage, click on our demonstration video that shows how our portable indoor putting green can work for you  This video demonstrates the speed of our surface (9-10) using the stimp meter.  It also demonstrates how our unique cup/flag system works without having to elevate the surface.  Notice how true the ball rolls. Also, note the bounce and roll out when chipping onto the green with our portable chipping mat. In addition there is a removeable back stop to keep any missed putts from rolling off the green.

If you still insist on building your own, than contact me and I can provide the surface.  I can also make custom sizes to meet your needs.  Mention that you read this blog and I'll throw in a free chipping mat with one of our greens.   Make your indoor game enjoyable!


What is it about golf

02/04/2014 by Steve L

Why is it that golf is such an interesting sport?  Golf is played by so many from all walks of life.  From our youth to our seniors, they all enjoy the game.  Even some of the greatest players of other sports such as baseball, basketball, hockey and football  retire and turn to golf for their enjoyment.  I can't say as I've heard of any golfers retiring to play hockey or football.  

Now in bowling, if you are good enough, you can reach a perfect score.  With golf there can be a great score...but never perfect.  With golf there is always room for improvement.   Par seems to be just a suggested "good score".
Have you ever noticed the endless supply of golf gadjets and accessories on the market to improve your game?  There are thousands of them!   Hahaha....Still, no perfect score.  Maybe this is what drives so many to the sport. 

You can play against others or compete against your own personal best.  Either way, a bad day at the golf course still beats a good day at the office.  Keep enjoying the game as so many of us do!  


Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens Teams up with Hanae Mori/ICP Perfumes

02/25/2014 by Steve L

The Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens has just teamed up with Hanae Mori/ICP Perfumes for the 2nd time in just 2 years to provide several custom indoor putting greens with product logos and accessories.  These indoor putting greens with be used in multiple regions of the country for events and product promotions. 

"I look forward to working with Hanae Mori/ICP Perfumes again. Providing quality indoor putting greens to our customers has been our specialty for the past 15 years.  I am proud to have ICP Perfumes as a client and look forward to working with them on this project and many more. We take pride in serving our clients and providing the best quality indoor putting greens on the market today."